Monday, 23 September 2013

Book Review

This is my book review is about dragonology
The book is about dragons and how they meet mankind and you get taught how to write like a dragon and how they grew up.
My favorite bit in the book is you get to feel what dragon skin felt like and where they live. it is my favorite part because it is the most incredible story.
It is very easy style if you are over  7 maybe there are really good dragon writing and riddles especially.
If you are a keen reader, you will enjoy reading it but if you like looking at the pictures there are lots pictures but it is a really good reading book.
This book relates to me because I like to sword fight also how things evolve and mythology

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Temple maths

Today in maths we had to count how many cubes were on this temple I forgot how many there were on it but it was pretty cool!.Anyway it was mrs t's master piece.
Here are some pictures.

this is robert's temple made out of lego

that's Henry's maths book after we did temple maths. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Maori learning

Today my class learnt how to talk Maori like this eyes is whatu and mouth is waha even though it might sound funny it's how to talk Maori also we got to draw a mini man.My guy looks funny

Calendar art

We are doing calendar art I did one and it has henry screaming because a shark is eating him "ahhhh!!!! my arm" I would have screamed if it was real We did Aboriginal styled Art it was really fun. Mrs TeWhaiti (she's my teacher) she first showed us a picture of dot art.But this is mine.

Number patterns

Well today in maths I did my number pattern and I got up to 30,000 I think that is pretty high. So here's a photo of my number pattern even though I wanted to do it in chalk there was no chalk left.It was quite hard I have to say.

Calendar art

This is my calendar art but this one isn't the real one this is a photo that's been photo copied of the real deal.


rain is like mystery dropping down on your roof splash splash
rain makes me not sleep at all
rain makes you slip and slid